1302 essay guidelines online 1

Using our knowledge of the concept of media literacy, we will build on the skill of argumentation, yet focus on the societal impacts, effects, or potential outcome s of a newsworthy event of issue. We have studied the work of Dr.

1302 essay guidelines online 1

You may not earn "partial credit. See your Course Schedule for the dates by which you must: There are specific requirements for each part of the Final Draft. Additionally, students MUST follow the specific format guidelines listed below. The Outline will assist you in developing the Final Draft. Students who submit the Outline before the deadline listed in the Final Draft will be permitted to revise their Outline as necessary.

Students and are strongly encouraged to make sure that the instructor can retrieve any and all electronic files prior to any and all deadlines. It is the students responsibility -- and not the instructors -- to ensure the accurate and timely submission of all course materials.

Preparing the Outline The Outline will follow the format below: Introduction State your thesis. In one sentence, tell me what you have learned from your research about the immigrant experience in the United States. Be sure to make this an active sentence that tells the reader what you think and why.

Be sure to give the appropriate citation for the interviewee. See Documentation below for the guidelines for academic citation of your respondent and other sources.

Life History and Analysis A. Topic sentence Start with a topic sentence that explains the most important point you want to make in this section and then be sure to explain why it matters. Use quotes from the respondent to highlight key biographical data, e.

Quote from respondent with end note. Concluding thought Be sure to give the appropriate citation for the interviewee. Use quotes from the interview that highlight the key experiences that you will focus on in the Final Draft.

See Documentation below for the guidelines for academic citation of your respondent. Comparison Now, list at least three secondary sources that you intend to use to compare your respondent's experiences in the Final Draft.

Your textbook -- Give Me Liberty! Be sure to include the page numbers from which you will draw your comparison. Secondary source with end note. Focus on the impact of immigration on your respondent's life. It may be rather dramatic highlighting their own expereince as immigrants.

It may be very pointed, as you detail their views on immigration. Or you may concentrate on themes you develop in your paper. Use quotes from your interview to illustrate the points that you will focus on in the Final Draft.

Topic sentence State your reaction.View Essay - torosgazete.com from HISTORY at Collin College.

1302 essay guidelines online 1

Barzani 1 Vione Barzani Dr. Starr HISTP12 November 11, Relief, Recovery & Regulation: The New Deal President Franklin D. English Composition & Rhetoric 2 || ART MWF: Syllabus || Instructor reserves the right to make changes to Course Outline with advanced notice.

1. Demonstrate knowledge of individual and collaborative research processes. 2. Develop ideas and synthesize primary and secondary sources within focused academic arguments, including one or more research-based essays.

3. Analyze, interpret, and evaluate a variety of texts for the ethical and logical uses of evidence. 4.

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I took History online for the mini 5 weeks and got an A in this class. The outline of his class was clear and easy to follow. He gave us questions that will be on the quizzes and tests so there's no way you can fail if you read and answer and study for the quiz and tests.

Assignment Sheet.

1302 essay guidelines online 1

English Essay #4. Focus: Implications and Consequences. Our fourth essay assignment will build on our analysis of PBS documentary, “Digital Nation”, the issues, and concepts within the documentary, with a focus on implications and consequences. * Subsequent quotes after the first only need a page number, not an author, since you will only be quoting 1 author in the essay.

ESSAY GUIDE An ESSAY is a fully developed and organized set of paragraphs that develop and enlarge a central idea or argument.

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