An introduction to wb created by the bretton woods conference

Tiago Sousa Why were the Bretton Woods institutions created? Introduction In July delegates of the 44 Allied nations gathered in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire USA with the purpose of rebuilding the international financial relationship severely damaged by the two World Wars and particularly the s Great Economic Depression. The conference was about creating rules and institutions to oversee the international monetary system, to promote the reconstruction of war-torn Europe and to recuperate international trade. But why were these institutions created?

An introduction to wb created by the bretton woods conference

Such a new system, they hoped, would prevent another worldwide economic cataclysm like the Great Depression that had destabilized Europe and the United States in the s and had contributed to the rise of Fascism and the war.

The Bretton Woods strategy addressed what were considered to be the two main causes of the pre-war economic downturn and obstacles to future global prosperity—the lack of stable financial markets around the world that had led to the war and the destruction caused by the war itself.

The IMF would be aimed at stabilizing global financial markets and national currencies by providing the resources to establish secure monetary policy and exchange rate regimes, while the World Bank would rebuild Europe by facilitating investment in reconstruction and development.

Although intended to benefit the global economy and contribute to world peace, the World Bank and the IMF, collectively referred to as international financial institutions IFIshave become primary targets of the anti-globalization movement.

In many countries, they are resented and are viewed as imposing Western-style capitalism on developing countries without regard to the social effects.The agreement created the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

These U.S.-backed organizations would monitor the new system. The Bretton Woods agreement was created in a conference of all of the World War II Allied nations. It took place in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire.


The Bretton Woods Conference had three main results: (1) Articles of Agreement to create the IMF, whose purpose was to promote stability of exchange rates and financial flows. (2) Articles of Agreement to create the IBRD, whose purpose was to speed reconstruction after the Second World War and to foster economic development, . One of the major items that came about from the Bretton Woods Agreement was the creation of the IMF. It was created to monitor exchange rates and lend reserve currencies to nations. After a preliminary conference in Atlantic City in mid-June , the Bretton Woods Conference convened on July 1. Three weeks of discussion later, the delegates signed the Final Act of the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference, which included charters outlining the aims and mechanisms of both the IMF and IBRD.

The role of the World Bank 1 Introduction. The World Bank is an international financial institution formed by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the. However, the assumption that the WB was created at the Bretton Woods conference is only partially true.

The only body created at that time was the. created at the Bretton Woods Conference in General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade was an effort at reducing tariffs and non-tariff trade barriers.

What are the Bretton Woods Institutions?

The Bretton Woods Institutions are the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).They were set up at a meeting of 43 countries in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, USA in July Their aims were to help rebuild the shattered postwar economy and to .

The World Bank was created at the Bretton Woods Conference along with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The president of the World Bank is, traditionally, an American.

An introduction to wb created by the bretton woods conference

The World Bank and the IMF are both based in Washington, D.C., and work closely with each people: Jim Yong Kim (President), Kristalina Georgieva (CEO), Paul Romer (Chief Economist). The WB was created by the Bretton Woods Conference and evolved by adding additional institutions as additional tasks were identified.

The initial objective of the WB was to provide loans for the rebuilding of Europe after WWII, later lending is provided to developing countries to foster dev.

An introduction to wb created by the bretton woods conference
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