Dell computer corporation essay

Dell's first logo from to Dell's former logo, used from to Dell's logo before the acquisition of EMC, used from to Dell traces its origins towhen Michael Dell created Dell Computer Corporation, which at the time did business as PC's Limited, [12] [13] while a student of the University of Texas at Austin.

Dell computer corporation essay

Operations Dell's Client Solutions unit accounts about two thirds of the company's revenue, which largely relies on PC sales.

Dell computer corporation essay

Client Solutions includes desktops, thin client products, notebooks, tablets, and services. While generating revenue, the unit also absorbs significant overhead for the company.

While there has been shrinking demand for PCs, Dell has posted eight straight quarters of growth in that business. Third parties manufacture the majority of the client products Dell sells under the Dell brand. Dell uses contract manufacturers and manufacturing outsourcing relationships as part of its strategy to enhance Dell's variable cost structure and to achieve Dell's goals of generating cost efficiencies, delivering products faster, better serving Dell's customers, and building a world-class supply chain.

The company is moving to bolster and expand its capabilities for cloud computing and big data and information management. Geographic Reach Dell generates about half of its revenue outside of the US. Dell sees emerging markets as long-term growth opportunities and the company pursue the development of technologies for those markets.

Dell continues to view these geographical markets, which include the vast majority of the world's population, as a long-term growth opportunity. Dell saw gain in some emerging markets in ended January including China and India.

It also continues to look overseas to cut operational costs. Dell uses a number of low-cost contractors in Asian countries to assemble products.

Financial Performance As privately held company, Dell is not required to make information about its finances public. The company revealed that its revenue is up, but profit turned to loss in the three years since it went private. Dell's PC-oriented product mix magnified decreased demand for those products.

A new Windows operating system from Microsoft failed to perk up PC sales. The segment also has lower revenue across all geographic areas, but most of the decline came in the Americas and the EMEA region.

Its PowerEdge servers carried higher value configurations, which offset flat unit sales.

Dell computer corporation essay

Strategy Dell has been working, away from the glare of stock analysts and investors, to become an end-to-end hardware, software, and services provider. As part of the transformation, the company continues to shift its portfolio of products and services to provide higher-value and recurring revenue streams over time.

Some of these products and services include digital transformation projects, software-defined data centers, hybrid cloud, converged and hyper-converged infrastructure, mobile, and security. The acquisition is expensive and will pile even more debt on a balance sheet already loaded with debt from the going-private transaction.

Dell expects the EMC portfolio to complement its our current Enterprise Solution Group offerings and to fortify its overall data center offerings. And the combined company should have a customer range from Dell's strength with small business and mid-market customers to EMC's strength with large enterprises.

The transaction also provided cash, which could help defray some of the cost of the EMC deal. Dell has been investing in research and development activities that support its strategic initiatives.

It has 18 research and development centers around the world, including one in Silicon Valley. In latehe company the spin off of its Secureworks subsidiary in motion.

Secureworks is expected to make an initial public stock offering in Dell's proceeds would help it pay for the EMC acquisition.Michael dingle made Dell Computer Corporation.

Dell company introduces the first machine (computing machine) of its ain name is the Turbo, and its characteristics are that they uses Intel processor in it. Dell Corporation is a layered organization which consists of technical, management and community levels (Boone, Kurtz, ).

The technical level is very important for Dell Corporation because of . The Dell Computer Company is one of the great success stories of the 20th century.

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Started in by then-college student Michael Dell, it rose to become one of the computer giants well into the 21st century. In , Dell Computer Corporation, which headquartered in Austin, Texas, was the world’s largest direct-selling computer company, with employess in more than 80 countries and cutomers in more than countries.

INTRODUCTION: In Michael Dell was the founder of dell computer to sell custom-made personal system directly to customer. The company ha. Dell Inc. is a leading computer manufacturer that provides high level of work/life balance.

About Dell Inc. Dell Technologies made its name as a supplier of built-to-order personal computers. Now, as a bigger, more mature company, Dell wants to build-to-order answers to its customers' IT needs.

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