Eradication of child labour

The report says an effective strategy to eliminate the problem must start by tackling the attitudes and perceptions of those in the cocoa supply chain and the communities in which they live. The company will work more closely with its suppliers, its certification partners and other bodies to ensure those working throughout the cocoa supply chain receive better training on the nature of the child labour problem and how to address it. The plan is to scale it up to include 30 more co-operatives byinvolving around communities.

Eradication of child labour

When she inquired she, was shocked to find out that they were into forced labour and had to use their bodies in exchange for money. She got into action immediately and started speaking against Trafficking in Persons by encouraging the people involved to come back home.

Upon her return to Nigeria, she intensified her fight against Trafficking but she could only achieve a little as an individual though she knew that Trafficking In Persons was a growing menace that must be stopped. Angered by this reality, she nursed the dream and desire to establish an anti-human trafficking organisation.

Inher husband was sworn in as the Vice President of Nigeria and she saw the window of opportunity for the Fight Against Trafficking in Persons to begin! Communities were informed, Nigerians became alert of trafficking and child labour, all hands were mobilized to be on the deck against the scourge.

Eradication of child labour

That was how the fight against Trafficking became a National and international issue that attracted government, NGO and Development partners. The dream to establish a Law against Trafficking in Persons was conceived by the Founder.

NAPTIP has since began operation since rescuing victims and punishing traffickers while providing rehabilitation and support for rescued trafficked persons. The organization has collaborated with international organization to receive and rehabilitate victims of human trafficking Partnership[ edit ] Because of her deep experience and impact in combating human trafficking, WOTCLEF has partnered with the following national and international organizations [6]: Rehabilitation[ edit ] The organization has treated over cases of human trafficking and child labour [8].

They were empowered and reintegrated into the society [9].How to eradicate Child Labour and create awareness about Child Rights Child labour is a matter of grave concern.

Eradication of child labour

It is an evil that is embedded deep in the roots of society. Child labour takes place when children are forced to work at an age when they are expected to work, study and enjoy their phase of innocence.

It implies lost or deprived childhood that leads to exploitation of children in various forms: mental, physical, social, sexual and so on. WOTCLEF is a not-for-profit non-governmental organization established in and registered in April as an Incorporated Trusteeship under the Nigeria Law with the Corporate Affairs Commission with registration number: 12, Eradicating child labour from india is not an easy task.

Stern actions,and maybe some β€œ surgical strikes β€œ may also be undertaken to compeletely wipe out the menace.

Specific Responsibilities

Prevalence of child labour in india can be traced back to the british and mughal rules, and now has firmly been rooted in our. Closing date: Application: Apply for the job Organization: International Rescue Committee Country: Ethiopia Closing date: 25 Nov SCOPE/JOB PURPOSE: The Assistant Health Coordinator will be part of the health team in Addis Ababa and work towards supporting health projects.

The various international organizations can take steps to raise awareness to the people to stop child labour.

Please help us in making this a comprehensive resource section for those directly connected or affected by this issue e.g. citizens, NGOs, government officers, students, teachers, researchers. Women Trafficking and Child Labour Eradication Foundation (WOTCLEF) is one of the most established anti-human trafficking organizations in Africa known to have carried out the most powerful advocacy campaign to strengthen the Fight against Trafficking in Persons and Child Labour in Nigeria. Highlights. Conference. IV Global Conference on the Sustained Eradication of Child Labour, Buenos Aires, November, The ILO participates in the IV Global Conference on Child Labour which will bring together representatives from government, social partners, civil society, regional and international organizations to share policies and experiences in the global fight against child labour.

They can help children financially by giving them free education at education for all programme and putting pressure on the government to enforce the law to provide necessery elements for the welfare of children.

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