Essay trip to langkawi

Allows students of mine to access informations and notes regarding the subject Tuesday, April 10, You have just returned from Langkawi.

Essay trip to langkawi

You can get my email by click on my profile. The journey was smooth and relax on the NSE We parked our car at the Gated Parking Area N6 There were many peoples around the Jetty area offer cheaper parking rate at other area, but that seems like no confidence for me! The Ferry fees was MYR There are a few counters at the Jetty, but only one was open when we were there Passengers on board After about minutes, I saw the land!

A Trip to Pulau Langkawi Essay Sample

The Beautiful islands and the granite formation of the islands Once we reached the Jetty of Kuah - Langkawi Island, I noticed this beautiful scene on my right The Royal Langkawi Yacht Club. Look at the clear Blue Sky and the Emerald Ocean!

Once you exit the complex, there was another small building in front of it, where all the Travel Booths located. I was searching around for the good bargain car rental along the travel booths The car rental from them all are provided with Legal Permit photo below.

Please rent your car with Caution! There were many peoples who came and approached us for car rental but MOST of them are illegal! Just pay a little bit more to avoid all the unnecessary problem! The permit which normally stick on top of the road tax windscreen Advise: Please be extra careful while looking for car rental at Langkawi Island.

SPM English Thinkers: Descriptive Essay: Langkawi Island

I cannot understand why the the Authority does Not take any action on it! So once we got our transport, we visited the Eagle Square of Langkawi Island just located beside the Jetty Point Complex walking distance.

We had landed on the Island Of Eagle - Langkawi!!Dec 08,  · Check out our top Free Essays on A Family Holiday To Pulau Langkawi to help you write your own Essay Scholarship Essay - My Family Background. Title: My Family Background Product. my family and I chose an interesting place for our second trip.

We spent our vacations at Langkawi Island. At the night, Wepacked our . Malaysia owns among the gorgeous islands in the whole world, namely Langkawi, The Isles of Legends, situated in the state of Kedah,which also consists of a cluster of 99 islands.

My vacation to Langkawi Island with my family Assalamualaikum, On previous holidays, my family and I have been travelling to the island of Langkawi.

My Trip to Disney World Essay.

Essay trip to langkawi

Words Sep 10th, 3 Pages. Show More. Sophia McCreary AIU Online English Comp 1 Essay on My First Trip to Korea. My First Trip to Korea This was my first time flying.

I can remember getting on the plane scared and excited all at the same time. The plane was filled with so many people that looked like .

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Mar 16,  · On previous holidays, My family and I have been travelling to the island of Langkawi. We were there for 4 days and 3 nights. Before we were on holiday there, my . Nov 05,  · Pulau Langkawi-my favourite Holiday destination I love Pulau Langkawi. It’s one of the most beautiful Island in the world, and also a duty free Island.

I’ve been there few times -prefer to go by ferry so that I can get a closer look at d beautiful Andaman Sea on the way there. Musing Out Loud: Langkawi; Langkawi trip; lazy.

My Trips: My Trip to Langkawi Island on September