From lockers to lockup

Automatic lockers[ edit ] Automatic lockers lock and unlock automatically with no direct input from the driver. Some automatic locking differential designs ensure that engine power is always transmitted to both wheels, regardless of traction conditions, and will "unlock" only when one wheel is required to spin faster than the other during cornering. These would be more correctly termed "automatic unlocking" differentials, because their at-rest position is locked.

From lockers to lockup

From lockers to lockup

I remember years ago, taking my Jeep offroad and being shocked when one of my rear tires lost traction and began spinning - the other rear tire just sat there doing nothing!

I double checked that I was in 4WD, but the tire in the air kept spinning while the one on the ground just sat there Photo of a Dana 35 with an open differential: If the left wheel is up in the air the engine sees a reduced resistance and will reduce the amount of torque sent to the axle.

Lockers A locker does as the name implies - it mechanically locks the left and the right wheel together. They will spin at the same speed. This is great for offroad because if one wheel is up in the air then the other will still spin.

From lockers to lockup

The problem comes when you want to drive your Jeep on the street. Photo of a Dana 35 with an mechanical locker installed: When you make a turn the inner wheel travels a shorter distance than the outer wheel, and during the turn the spin at different speeds, as you can see in the picture below: This is why there are several types of lockers that allow you to manually engage and disengage them.PROPER LOCK-UP.


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The perfect lock-up and go apartment has 2 bedrooms. Both bedrooms are carpeted with the main bedroom having built in cupboards, aluminium windows and railings.

The second bedroom has wooden windows with burglar bars and railings. The initial public offering IPO lock-up is a typical lock-up period in the equities stock used valutahandel gratis newly issued public shares.

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