Gestational diabetes nursing case study

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Gestational diabetes nursing case study

Gestational diabetes nursing case study

Viber Gestational diabetes mellitus GDMalso known as type III diabetes mellitus, is one of the most common type of diabetes mellitus and considered the most common complications of pregnancy. This health problem is like pregnancy-induced hypertension PIH that develops during pregnancy and disappears after the delivery of the fetus, or as maternal body returns to its pre-pregnant state.

Gestational diabetes mellitus may or may not with co-existing maternal diabetes.

CLINICAL CASE STUDY: Gestational Diabetes by on Prezi

It heightens the level of diabetes if with previous diabetes by a notch in response to the rise in fetal carbohydrate demand.

Or any form of diabetes for that matter. The insulin is a normal body hormone that is produced by the beta cells of the Islets of Langerhans in the pancreas. The release of insulin is regulated by a negative feedback in response to high glucose level.

Gestational diabetes nursing case study

The high glucose level may come from excessive glucagon action or through high carbohydrate intake. Insulin is essential in the following actions: Low insulin level causes the rise in plasma glucose concentration and glycosuria. Diabetes mellitus develops as the body secretes low amount or as body cells reject its utilization.

This process is also applicable with the fetus during pregnancy for growth and development. As the fetus grows, the maternal body executes automatic response by doubling the level of glucose level through lowering insulin secretion and with the aid of some gestational hormones that antagonizes the effects of insulin, a process known as protective mechanism.

Along with this, this mechanism causes the rise of placental lactogen, estrogen, and progesterone to cause the following effects: The total effect of these mechanisms raises the maternal glucose level for fetal usage.

Hyperglycemia normally occurs with protective mechanism that predisposes a pregnant mother in the triggering of her pre-diabetic state or heighten an existing diabetes mellitus.

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The effects of pregnancy on diabetes mellitus are summarized as: First trimester—glucose level is relatively stable or may decrease Second trimester—there is rapid increase in glucose level Third trimester—there is rapid decrease in glucose level and return to its pre-pregnant state.

The existence of either of these problems, plus, the interaction of protective mechanism in pregnancy doubles the occurrence of GDM. GDM causes high incidence of fetal morbidity and unwanted complications such as polyhydramnios and macrosomia in fetus.Expert Committee on the Diagnosis and Classification of Diabetes Mellitus: Report of the expert committee on the diagnosis and classification of diabetes mellitus.

Diabetes Care – 97, The OB case study was included in the portfolio because it is estimated that gestational diabetes affects 18% of pregnancies. Additionally, this paper offers an analysis of the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetrics, and Neonatal Nurse’s (AWHONN) Standards of Care and an overview of patient care from prenatal to the post partum period.

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Case Study: A Year-Old Woman in Her Second Pregnancy at 24 Weeks Gestation.

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by Carpenter and Coustan and recommended most recently by the Fourth International Workshop-Conference on Gestational Diabetes Mellitus and the American Diabetes Association. The patient's capillary glucose reading, performed in the clinic, was mg/dl. Diabetes educator 2. Managing older people with diabetes, especially with dementia and in nursing homes, is very difficult.

Changing to Lantus is likely to reduce his hypoglycemia and may improve his glycemic control (Janka et al. ). It may also reduce the care burden on the nursing staff.

Case Study: A Year-Old Woman in Her Second Pregnancy at 24 Weeks Gestation