Global water desalination market 2014 2018

During this period, an industry has evolved, establishing companies that have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in the research, design, construction, operation and maintenance of desalination plants. DESALIA WATER is recognised as one of the leader companies in the use of seawater RO desalination and has an on-going commitment to developing this technology, through which it has earned the trust and confidence from both the clients and suppliers at international levels.

Global water desalination market 2014 2018

From global trading rules and internal political systems to old alliances and business models, the established order is being challenged and re-evaluated. Despite the worries and the hysteria, this should be a time of excitement and optimism for the global water sector.

Disruption creates enormous opportunities as well as obstacles, and it offers real solutions to previously intractable problems.

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 3, 2018, #130

While barriers to trade grab the headlines, huge new markets are opening up in an unprecedented fashion. In the global water sector the story is a refreshing one of collaboration and consolidation rather than fragmentation and isolationism.

Constrained resources and new regulatory environments are leading to greater creativity, efficiency and impact. At the same time, the digital revolution is making new business models viable that would previously have been impossible, as well as creating a pipeline of new technologies, and the chance to reshape relationships with clients and customers.

The model of the water utility itself is being questioned. What the leaders of the water sector need to make the most of this new volatility is a clear global view and the right contacts. How are current trends going to play out, and how will it affect supply chains, revenue streams and business relationships?

Where are the new opportunities, and who are the people you need to talk to?

Global water desalination market 2014 2018

With a complete overview of the global water sector, and unprecedented networking opportunities, this is the guide that we will be presenting at the Global Water Summit The agenda gathers leaders representing utilities, industry, finance and investment, and key water market players.

Meaningful Networking Bringing together all of the key influencers from across the supply chain, the Global Water Summit has become a vital part of shaping the future direction of the sector and driving business opportunities.

Attending the Summit gives you the opportunity to raise the profile of your organisation and forge relationships that will drive the future success of your business.Urban flood caused by storm-water runoff has been problematic for many regions. There is a need to improve the design and hydraulic performance of storm sewer-pipes, which will .

Research and Markets: Global Water Desalination Market with Acciona, Doosan Group, GE Water and Process Technologies & Veolia Group Dominating.

Global water desalination market 2014 2018

Waiting for an International Recovery. One market that has been struggling is the upstream petroleum market. The drop in oil prices at the end of and its slow climb over the past three years. Dodge PlanRoom provides a single, secure location for contractors and sub-contractors to share and manage plans, specifications, and other construction documentation and information from the bid phase through to project completion.

Water Treatment. Yokogawa provides optimum solutions to improve the reliable operation of water treatment plants. These solutions include sophisticated technologies, unsurpassed product quality, and extensive application know-how throughout the lifecycle.

The environmental cost of desalination. With water scarcity affecting more than 40 percent of the global population, according to the UN, there is clearly an urgent need for large-scale solutions like desalination.

Global Water Summit – London | 8 – 10 April