Guidelines for internship report

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Guidelines for internship report

A monthly summary of all new facilities approved, renewed, enhanced and a list of proposals declined stating reasons thereof to be reported by CRM to the Managing Director and CEO as per format enclosed at Appendix The following lending functions have been segregated: The job responsibilities of different units are as follows: To act as the primary contact person with the borrower regarding marketing of credit products.


To prepare credit proposals memo and place it to the approval authority for decision. To obtain necessary approval from appropriate approval authority 3. To ensure completion of documentation formalities in compliance with terms of approval. To monitor insurance coverage to ensure appropriate coverage is in place over assets pledged.

To control loan disbursement only after all terms and conditions of approval have been met and all security documentation are in place. To maintain control over all security documentation. To deal with all legal matters. To process branch proposals regarding rescheduling of classified accounts.

To enlist surveyors, lawyers, insurers with approval of the Bank Management and to monitor and review their performance periodically.

Guidelines for internship report

The Bank has a separate and independent Audit and Inspection Division responsible for conducting audits and inspection of all Branches and Departments of Head Office. Audits and Inspection are carried out on periodic interval at least once in a year to ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines, internal procedures and Lending Guidelines as per Bangladesh Bank requirement.

Considering the requirements the Bank has established its Training Institute in Head Office in where different types of banking related courses are offered to Officers of different level.

It is expected that all Credit Officers and Relationship Managers will be trained gradually in specific fields of Credit Risk Management.

Education & Programmes

The appropriate organizational structure must be in place to support the adoption of policies described in Chapter-I of these guidelines. Credit approval shall be centralized within the CRM function.

The following chart represents the management structure: The key responsibilities of the above functions are as follows. Please also refer to Appendices 2.Designing specific guidelines sets up clear expectations for both the employer and the intern.

It is recommended that students and employers should sign and retain a copy of the learning agreement. If the internship is offered for academic credit an additional university representative signature or copy may be required. In the following, very general guidelines are provide d for the internship report.

Guidelines for internship report

Whe re applicable, a distinction is made between the Mission Internship (MI) vs. the Orientatio n. Internship Guidelines Share this: The USC Marshall School of Business strongly encourages undergraduate students to participate in professional internships during their time at USC.

The purpose of the Guidelines for the Implementation Policy on Internship Programme is to assist HRD managers and practitioners to align, implement, monitor and report on implementation of the policy directive on Internships in the Public Service.

Guidelines as to when an internship takes place are important yet are often vaguely provided. In their Field Placement Guidelines, NCTRC nurtures direction for practitioners and academicians by identifying “an acceptable internship takes place after a student completes the ‘majority’ (no less than.

Pursuant to Executive Order , the following student internship policy provides centralized definitions, procedural guidelines (e.g., internship planning, placement assessment, site visits, placement and orientation) that are consistent with risk management and other related policies, an oversight committee, and review process.

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