My happiest moment essay

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My happiest moment essay

October 16, admin Articles 0 There is not only one happy moment in my life that I can share, but a lot of them that I am not even able to describe them with my words.

It was afternoon on My happiest moment essay of school days I was really tired, and it was my midterm exams as well. I was tired of going to school, but I was happy since it was my last year in school. Tell us what you need to have done now! After a while max, she cut the phone and started shouting.

I finished my praying and then my mom told me that you passed the final test for YES Program and you are one of the finalists. One day when I was a junior in high school my teacher asked me to go to the conference room after I finish my class.

I was worried because I escaped one of my classes that day and I thought she is going to talk about that. But after the class when I went to the conference room there were lots of students from my school. Basically this program was a one year scholarship for high school students.

I took this chance and got the entry card to take the test other day. The test was supposed to start at 8: By the time we got there it was 9: After I saw all those girls, I lost my hope and I told to myself that it is not hard but impossible for me to get through this crowd.

While talking to my friend, somebody came and told us that it is our turn now to go and take the test. We went inside the room it was a huge class room and only half of it was full with students.

They passed out the test papers I was shocked because the test was not as hard as I thought. In just 20 minutes, we finished our test and they collected the test papers and we went out of that room.

After two hours they started announcing the results, but there was not any mention of my name. I got disappointed, but suddenly my friend told me that they are calling my name. I actually passed the first test and then we had another test which was like a mini TOEFL, the second test.

By the time I finished the second test it was 4: Me and my friends we went home together. I did not hear anything about the final results for months. I was always thinking about going abroad and having good education, but I told myself that it is not possible and it more looks like a dream for an afghan girl to go abroad and study.

When that day, my mom told me that I became one of the finalists of this program, it was even impossible at that moment for me to talk. I could not believe that it actually happened. I thought some one is making me fool since it was April. But, when I went to school the day after that, my classmates who took the test with me, asked me if I have received any call from American Councils.

My happiest moment essay

After that I become confirmed that I really got in to this program.I often tell people that college saved me. Which in part is true. Rutgers, only an hour from my home by bus, was so far from my old life and so . tell me something about your happiest moment..

Answer / tanheem salma. It means when we get the desired one in our lif, that is the most happiest momen. the happiest movent is change to person to person and time to tie, as far as regarding my moment is concened when got admission in BA. My Happiest Moment I figured military life was the life for me.

I will be a pilot in the US Air Force. My birthday surprise was the happiest moment of my life because flying an. Signalprocessing’ Principles of Communication $ • The communication process: Sources of information, communication channels, modulation process, and communication networks • Representation of signals and systems: Signals, Continuous Fourier transform, Sampling theorem, sequences, z-transform, convolution and correlation.

• Stochastic processes: Probability theory, random processes. Essay on The Most Unforgettable Day in My Life. It was the day my son was to join school. My husband gave him a bath, dressed him in his best clothes, handed over to him the new colourful backpack with the accessories for the first day at school.

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My happiest moment essay
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