Physics spm chapter 1 form 4

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Physics spm chapter 1 form 4

Do not have any double bonds between the carbon atoms. Have a least one double bond between the carbon atoms.

Physics spm chapter 1 form 4

Contains maximum number of hydrogen. Contains less than maximum number of hydrogen. It still can take in hydrogen. Solid at room temperature.

Has a high melting point. Has a low melting point Increases the cholesterol level in the blood. Decreases the cholesterol level in the blood. Animal fats such as butter. Vegetable oil such as corn oil.

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Enzyme is organic catalyst, usually a protein which speeds up biochemical reactions in living cells. Enzymes are proteins which are synthesized by living organisms. In enzymatic reactions, enzymes bind to their substrates and convert them to products. Enzymes speed up the rates of chemical reactions but remain unchanged at the end of the reactions.

Enzymes are not destroyed by the reactions they catalyzed.

SPM Form 5 Physics Chapter 1 - Waves | SPM Physics Form 4/Form 5 Revision Notes

Enzymes are highly specific. Most enzyme-catalysed reactions are reversible. The activity of an enzyme can be slowed down or completely stopped by inhibitors. An enzyme is named according to the name of the substrate it catalysed. Most enzymes have a name derived by adding the suffix —ase at the end of the name of their substrates.Science Form 4 Chapter 3 One of the most interesting chapter in SPM Science is “Heredity and Variation”.

The concept explains so much about how two children from the same family are different physically and mentally.

Physics-Light form 4 1.

SPM Form 4 Physics - Heat Loo Carmen. SPM Form 4 Physics - Light Loo Carmen. Physics form 4 chapter 5 University Science Penang.

SPM PHYSICS FORM 5 electricity Max Wong. Physics SPM chapter 5: RADIOACTIVITY MuhammadFareezIqmal. F5 Physics Experiment List. Aug 21,  · Physics Form 4: Chapter 4 - Specific Heat Capacity Specific Heat Capacity is the amount of energy (in Joules) needed to increase the temperature of 1 kg of a substance by 1 degree Celsius Different material have different specific heat capacity value.

STUDYSMART CHEMISTRY FORM 4 CHAPTER 4: PERIODIC TABLE OF ELEMENTS Analysing the Periodic Table of Elements Analysing Group 18 elements Analysing Group 1 elements Analysing Group 17 elements Analysing elements in a period Understanding transition elements ANALYSING THE PERIODIC TABLE OF ELEMENTSElements in the periodic table are .

SPM Biology Form 4 – Terminology and Concepts: Movement of Substances Across the Plasma Membrane (Part 1) 1.

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Uniqueness of Plasma Membrane (also known as cell membrane): controls the movement of ions and particles (Na+, Ca2+ and K+) Glycoprotein . Powered by Andrew Choo SPM PRE-EXAM TIPS FORM 4 Important Units for SPM CHAPTER 1 1.

Vernier caliper Basic reading -- 3 types of reading.

SPM Physics Form 4/Form 5 Revision Notes