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After a break-in has taken place it is not the loss of valuables from your home that is most distressing, but the intrusion on your privacy. You always feel less safe and secure in your own home after a burglary. The number of break-ins has actually dropped over the past decade, but the police still frequently report burglaries.

Quotation for burglary proof for 3

February 16, Burglary: Can you afford to ignore burglary prevention? As the fastest growing insurance broker to over sports, social, political, community and private clubs throughout the UK, we pride ourselves on having dealt with and successfully defended a wide range of claim scenarios.

However, we recently found ourselves defending a claim whereby thieves had gained entry to a clients premise via the wooden cellar hatch, usually intended as general access to drop beer kegs into the cellar.

It confirmed our suspicions that thieves really will go to any lengths to burgle a property if they intend on doing so. As a consequence, Club Insure offer simple, yet effective advice, for safeguarding your premises from unwanted visitors.

The lock should be a dead bolt-type, requiring either a key or a knob to set it.

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The ultimate frustration for the burglar is the double-cylinder dead lock which must be opened by a key from either side, making it difficult for a hidden burglar to get out of the building.

In addition to locks, bars over windows, skylights, and other openings can also frustrate any unauthorised entrance.

Count the keys Experts advise that records should be kept on key distribution and that employees should be required to turn in their keys when they leave the business.

Having a master key or one key for both outside doors and inside offices is convenient, but makes burglary a simple matter. Sound the alarm Burglar alarms are perhaps the most obvious means of burglar protection.

There are two types: The silent central-station alarm which offers the best protection. This type sounds at a private protection agency or in the local police station, unknown to the burglar and 2.

The cheaper building-type local alarm system. In the spotlight Providing a lot of light, both inside and out, is incredibly effective. Having each entrance point, including windows and large vents, flooded with light will discourage all but the most highly motivated burglar.

Mercury and metallic vapor lamps serve well since they are almost unbreakable. Make safes safer No matter the weight or shape, safes can be bolted to the building and should ideally be placed near the front of the club so suspicious activity is visible from the street at night.

Use gratings, special glass Heavy metal window screens and doorway gratings are an inexpensive way to protect display cases. Burglar-resistant glass a sandwich of plastic between two sheets of glass thwarts access to displays and the building itself. It can be broken, but it takes continual hammering to do so.

For example, locking doors and safeguarding your building is futile if staff are careless with their keys.8 Ways to Burglar Proof Your Home on the Cheap.

Quotation for burglary proof for 3

Updated: July 18, Relevant Products: NU-SET Jimmy-Proof Inter Locking Deadbolt Lock. 3.

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7 Tips to Burglar Proof the Doors in Your Home. Carbon Monoxide Detector Placement: Where to Place CO Alarms in Your Home. Follow Us. A burglar alarm that immediately summons police without a delay is a great idea.

Quotation for burglary proof for 3

While not all alarms stop intruders, alarms at least limit the time a burglar can spend inside your home before. Loss Prevention Fasteners are experts in solving problems that require security screws and other types of tamper proof fasteners.

Call us today at " H x " W x " D Weight lbs. FireKing 2-Hour Fire and Burglary Safes are perfect for both residential and business use. They are designed to offer superior fire and burglary protection.

Wendy Bounds lends her advice on "Good Morning America" for keeping robbers out of the home. Here are the best tips for burglar-proofing your home. Burglar-proof home. Josh Medellin, a technician with 1st Alarm residential and home security, installs a sensor in a doorway as part of a home security system Friday at an Odessa residence.

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