Rainforest deforestation research paper

Hire Writer Among these countries 16 are such which had relatively substantial forest areas of more 1 than one million hectares each and three of these countries namely Chad, the Islamic Republic of Iran and Mongolia each had more than ten million hectares of forest. The forest area remained fairly stable in North and Central America while it expanded in Europe during the past decade.

Rainforest deforestation research paper

Hectares of forests cut down or burned Globally, this year TheWorldCounts, 22 July, In Years, there will be no Rainforests… When you see paper and wood, what do you think of? Do you think of the tree that was felled to make the product? Deforestation is when forests are converted for other purposes by cutting down the trees to clear the land for other use.

With 7 billion people in the planet, we need more land to build cities, raise livestock and grow food. People also make money by clearing the forests and selling the lumber and wood to be converted into other products, such as paper.

Rainforest deforestation research paper

What you need to know about Deforestation Can you imagine Earth without forests? Here are some deforestation facts for kids that can be shared to raise their awareness about our environment: Agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation. We clear the land to raise livestock or to plant other crops that can be sold, such as sugar cane and palm oil.

How Can We Stop Deforestation?

Rainforest deforestation research paper

There are 5 major rainforests: The Amazon in South America b. The Congo in Central Africa c. A patch of rainforest measuring 4 square miles can contain as many as 1, flowering plants, species of birds, species of trees and species of butterflies. Not counting the other living things living there.

Every minute, forests the size of 20 football fields are cut down. Why are Rainforests Important?

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They are home to plants and animals. It took 60 to million years for Rainforests to evolve and it is the home of over 30 million species of plants and animals. When we clear the forests, they all die. They soak up a lot of rainfall.

The rainwater is filtered through the forest floors and supplies water to rivers and irrigation systems. They also help prevent erosion, where the soil is washed away causing blockages that in turn causes floods.

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They are home to indigenous people. Many tribes still live in the rainforests. It is the oldest ecosystem on Earth and they are impossible to replace. It took millions of years for rainforests to develop… how can we replenish fast enough to cope with the rate of deforestation?

What can you do to help save our forests? There are many ways to help save the forests that are remaining. If we recycle the products that come from trees such as paper, then we can use them over and over again. There will be a lower demand for products made from trees. Buy from companies that are environment friendly.

Try to eat less meat which requires grazing lands — another reason why forests are cleared.International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 2, Issue 10, October 1 ISSN torosgazete.com Population Increase and Deforestation: A Study in.

Rain Forest News. Current science articles on rainforest animals, rainforest plants, and ecosystems of old-growth forests. Your source for the latest research news. TROPICAL DEFORESTATION AND ITS IMPACT ON ENVIRONMENT AND QUALITY • Drivers of deforestation • Case study of deforestation in SEA • Research by SEARRIN • Impacts of deforestation • Conclusion.

3 Introduction • In the ’s land use and land cover (LUCC) Satellite data analysis of forest areas and the rate of deforestation. OCCASIONAL PAPER Bérenger Tchatchou Denis J. Sonwa Suspense Ifo Anne Marie Tiani Deforestation and forest degradation in the Congo Basin .

The Rainforest Action Network, an organization working to protect rain forests and support the rights of their inhabitants, provides action alerts, press releases, World Rainforest Reports, information on campaigns, and links to related organizations.

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