Resume 2011

Resumes are very standardized and formatted, and it takes extensive research, work, and editing to have a document that is both complete and professional.

Resume 2011

Presentation of my new resume with different colours versions, detailed views and print shots. The best introduction to this project is the Resume 2011 I wrote back in the days once published here. It had countless grammar errors and was absolutely amateurish designer material, but that was exactly the point.

So I left it. Two years are passed. And two years could be a lot of time.

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Especially in the way you could grow, the things you learned and how you changed. This project is that first resume project "sequel". I had a lot of fun doing the old "rough" cv richard the rough has been my moniker on deviantart for yearsit had been appreciated a lot and this pushed me to improve my style at the time.

I have tried my best to make it much less rough than its origins, but keeping the same effort to create something both professional and serious than funny and colourful.

Resume 2011

I've worked a lot into choosing the right fonts, write an interesting content, make a good set of icons for the sections, a cool colour palette, create some catchy patterns, and a good paper for the prints. I've written even too much, it's time to let the images talk.

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