The devil and tom walker by washington irving essay

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The devil and tom walker by washington irving essay

Thomas Mortona rival of the Plymouth Pilgrims The pirate Edward Teachalso known as Blackbeard Reverend John Smeet [1] After five other unnamed jurors enter Benedict Arnold being out "on other business"the judge enters last — John Hathornethe infamous and unrepentant executor of the Salem witch trials.

The trial is rigged against Webster. He is ready to rage, without care for himself or Stone, but he catches himself: He calms himself, "for it was him they'd come for, not only Jabez Stone.

He admits the wrongs done in the course of American history but points out that something new and good had grown from them and that "everybody had played a part in it, even the traitors.

The jury announces its verdict: Scratch congratulates Webster, and the contract is torn up. The devil has overreached himself, agreeing to a jury trial out of pride in his unbreakable contract.

But by doing so, he has put his contract within the reach of the Common Law used in America, under which a jury can enter whatever verdict it likes, regardless of the law. Webster's eloquence in swaying this supposedly unswayable jury is remarkable, but would have gone to no effect without the devil's pride-induced mistake in giving Webster a chance.

Webster then grabs the stranger and twists his arm behind his back, "for he knew that once you bested anybody like Mr. Scratch in fair fight, his power on you was gone. Scratch offers to tell Webster's fortune in his palm.

He foretells Webster's failure to become President, the death of Webster's sons, and the backlash of his last speech, warning "Some will call you Ichabod " as in John Greenleaf Whittier 's poem in reaction to Webster's controversial Seventh of March speech supporting the Compromise of that incorporated the Fugitive Slave Act.

Scratch predicts actual events of Daniel Webster's life: Webster takes the predictions in stride and asks only if the Union will prevail. Scratch reluctantly admits that, although a war will be fought over the issue, the United States will remain united.

Webster then laughs, "And with that he drew back his foot for a kick that would have stunned a horse. It was only the tip of his shoe that caught the stranger, but he went flying out of the door with his collecting box under his arm.

Patriotism[ edit ] Patriotism is a main theme in the story: Webster claims that the Devil cannot take the soul because he cannot claim American citizenship. The devil says "I am merely an honest American like yourself — and of the best descent — for, to tell the truth, Mr. Webster, though I don't like to boast of it, my name is older in this country than yours.

The devil then provides the worst from Webster's perspective, and certainly, they are in Hell examples of Americans for the judge and jury.

In Daniel's speech "He was talking about the things that make a country a country, and a man a man" rather than legal points of the case. For Webster, freedom and independence defines manhood: Butler and Girty would have called themselves Americans — and indeed were Americans — but they were Loyalists, and Webster might not have intended any but U.

Classifying the jurors as "Americans" involves a wider definition, including all who had a part in its history — even those who lived and died as English subjects beforethe Loyalists who actively opposed the creation of the U. Scratch underlines this definition by saying of the jury "Americans all".

Slavery[ edit ] In his speech, Webster denounces slavery. Earlier, he states flatly "A man is not a piece of property. When the first slaver put out for the CongoI stood on her deck. But he showed how, out of the wrong and the right, the suffering and the starvations, something new had come.

And everybody had played a part in it, even the traitors. This desire to end the institution was a mainspring of his support for the Union. Treatment of the Indians[ edit ] The story may be seen as ambivalent on the treatment of the Native Americans. Webster states "If two New Hampshiremen aren't a match for the devil, we might as well give the country back to the Indians.

Yet later on, Daniel Webster's appeal to the jury on "what it means to be American" specifically includes King Philip among "the Americans". This is an anachronism, as the historical Daniel Webster was closer to the events and would have been unlikely to express such an opinion.

The narrator also expresses sympathy for King Philip when he tells us that one juror "heard the cry of his lost nation" in Webster's eloquent appeal.

The devil and tom walker by washington irving essay

These ambiguities probably reflect ambivalent perceptions of this aspect of American history in the 20th century at the time of writing, rather than at the time when the story is supposed to take place. When the devil arrives he is described as "a soft-spoken, dark-dressed stranger," who "drove up in a handsome buggy.Bursting With Life.

In ''The Flowers,'' a short story by Alice Walker, Myop is a year-old daughter of happily tours places around the farm as if she hasn't a care in the world. Bursting With Life. In ''The Flowers,'' a short story by Alice Walker, Myop is a year-old daughter of happily tours places around the farm as if she hasn't a care in the world.

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