The ethical dilemma faced by lemessurier

At the same time, St. The conditions imposed presented a significant architectural and engineering obstacle to constructing a well-designed high-rise building on the site, and required a team equal to the challenge. In the early s, Citibank retained Hugh Stubbins to be the architect of the new building. The columns would act as stilts raising the building feet in the air.

The ethical dilemma faced by lemessurier

Citicorp Building Repairs Revisited Part 2: LeMessurier's Innovative Citicorp Design William LeMessurier was one of the country's most distinguished structural engineers when his Cambridge firm was called upon to act as a consultant to the planned Citibank corporate headquarters.

The ethical dilemma faced by lemessurier

LeMessurier had a vast array of experience with skyscrapers; the first building he designed, Boston's State Street Bank, incorporate an inventive cantilever girder system, and his famous Boston Federal Reserve Bank, was designed so that an airplane could, quite literally, fly directly through what appeared to be a large hole in the building.

LeMessurier's experience with innovative designs was fortunate, sincethere was a criterion peculiar to the planned Citibank building.

Achurch had partial ownership of the block where Citicorp planned tobuild.

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As a resolution, Citicorp agreed to build a new free-standingstructure, located at one corner of the lot, to replace the currentantiquated, dilapidated church. In return, the church granted "airrights" above its part of the block to Citicorp. Thebottom part of the first rendering of the Citicorp tower design, clearly showing the nine-story high, mid-wall-mounted stilts that would need to support the building.

In order to provide space for the new church, the Citicorp tower would therefore have to be situated on nine-story-high stilts, so the church could be constructed underneath.

However, the church was to be located at a corner of the block, not in the middle of a block. This meant that the Citicorp tower's stilts would have to be in the middle of each of its walls, and not at the building's corners -- an unprecedented feat of engineering if it could be accomplished.

The innovative LeMessurier sketched an idea for the Citicorp tower's framework and column support system.


Pictured at left is an eight-story section of his design. It called for large diagonal girders throughout the building. The girders would transfer the tower's great weight to the four huge columns that would anchor the structure to the ground. The new church could then be constructed as planned, underneath one of the tower's corners.The ethical dilemma faced by LeMessurier was between the responsibility of the building and the safety of the public.

The conflict between his duties to various financial entities verses ensuring the safety of that building would come into play. According to Robert McNamara, LeMessurier’s partner at the time, LeMessurier had in fact considered the quartering winds during the design phase, [15] but determined that the quartering winds did not produce as much stress on the building as the perpendicular winds.

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The result was that the impact of the quartering winds was not closely analyzed since they were not thought to be the controlling design . William LeMessurier passed away in From the time of the CitiCorp building retrofit in to his death, LeMessurier used his experience with the CitiCorp building to educate others on .

The Ethical Dilemma Faced by Lemessurier Saving Citicorp Tower The city group center was a unique example that shows what engineers can accomplish.

The location where the group of engineers was trying to locate the building already had a church at that location.

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Apr 12,  · What Ethical Dilemmas Have You Faced? By Katherine Schulten I haven’t faced any ethical dilemma in my life yet. But I think that it’s inevitable for this kind of dilemma to happen,that is, I will definately face it in the future.

Therefore, I’ve got to brace for it. I hope I will make the right choice when ethical dilemma. Explore the ethical dilemmas LeMessurier faced and how he resolved them Review LeMessurier's response within the context of his legal and ethical obligations. Download the Course to review and begin earning your PDH credits.

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