The hidden side of capitalism

October 4, "Capitalism" opens with disclaimer from some old film, and then segues into scenes from police videos of people robbing banks and convenience stores. Moore likes to make comparisons. In this case he wants to show us who the real thieves are, and they don't tend to be desperate drug addicts wearing hoodies.

The hidden side of capitalism

A new one is on the way, and the old one is going to end with a bang. That shark starves to death because it ate all the food. So, the end of this is the explosion of that steam cooker which is called capitalism. This has no precedent.

We have killed capitalism. Thanks to the high tech guys, they have shot the goose with the golden egg. This is what Trump has inherited. You are going to see the fastest moving interest rates just like when Trump was elected.

The hidden side of capitalism

So, you have a pressure cooker bomb cooking like the terrorists use. It turns it into a savings account. The only one that will work. The only one without a counter-party.

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China and Russia are not buying gold as some sort of investment. They have killed us, and they have killed themselves. There is one fat shark out there that is now about to experience starvation. Your savings account is not silver, although it will outperform gold, your savings account is going to be gold.

The hidden side of capitalism

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Click here to subscribe.The Hidden Side of Capitalism Essay Globalization Hidden Side of Capitalism Done By: Bahaa Takieddine Lebanese American University Class: English II Section: 11 Outline Claim: Capitalism is leading to some adverse effects on the level of countries equality, since it arises to expand the gap between rich & poor and exploiting laborers.

Quotes "Buenos dias!" -- Mitt Romney's regular greeting to the illegal Guatemalan immigrants who work on his lawn "Aw, geez." -- Romney to a reporter who asked him about the lawn workers.

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Aug 23,  · Hidden amid the turbo-charged economic splendor, however, is what Luttwak calls "the greatest shortcoming of capitalism" -- the unequal distribution of income and wealth, which, in turn, promotes the return of economic classism.

Rich get richer. One of the unkind consequences of turbo-capitalism is that it rewards and punishes to an . Further reading. Gran, Peter (). Islamic Roots of Capitalism: Egypt, Middle East Studies Beyond Dominant Paradigms.

Syracuse University Press. p. Hidden Side of Capitalism Throughout centuries, the world has evolved into a global market, where technological advancement happened, media took its shape and capitalism controlled the system.

However, societies differ in what economic system they develop, many believe that these economic systems are the suitable ones like capitalism, . Dirty Money is the most fun you can have while being pissed off. Overseen by veteran filmmaker Alex Gibney, who also directed the first episode, it’s billed as a six-part Netflix documentary series.

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